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Did I mention I love Worpress? I particularly love the built-in analytics and the “Searched Terms” feature.  What is fascinating about this feature, at least it’s fascinating to me, is that search terms almost feel like a window into the minds of your readers. I remember when the AOL team accidentally released their search logs to the world, and people built search engines for the searches. There were some very funny (and even sad and scary) searches done by some people.  

In my case, the searches are all pretty tame. For the most part they are on topic. But there are a couple that seem a little funny when I think of them in the context of my blog or the blogosphere in general.

The last time I posted about searches, noelryan mentioned that people were landing on his blog searching for 24 hour gyms in London. How are people getting to your blog? Are they finding what they are looking for? If you landed here, did you find what you were looking for? Let me know. Here is a list of recent searches that landed people on my blog (grouped by me into general categories). 

spin class
running a spin class
stress fractures spinning
“calcaneus stress fracture” boot
“stress fracture” hip
tibial stress fracture and training for
running stress fracture
marathon training stress fracture injury
ibuprofen AND marathon racing
seattle marathon 2006

seattle marathon chip times

seattle marathon walk

“race report” madison ironman
Ironman nbc
ironman race

“why we get fat” art de vany
how fat is 200lbs
most calorie lost by
thinking caveman calendar 

“revenue science”


7 Responses to “Recent Searches”

  1. RegiVizz Says:

    In my running blog (runhappy) I get:
    how hard is the hogeye marathon
    running in the morning as opposed to aft
    Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping
    Christmas running motivation

    But in my other blog (regivizz) I get things like:
    lomonosov lavoisier
    cute animals
    random things to say
    “andrew tilley” rocket
    Top 5 singles of 2006
    morning haiku
    cute animal monkeys
    very random things to say
    food Color burnt orange
    Geri’s Game
    myspace “perry, oklahoma”
    crazy people crazy dreams?
    what cool happened july 31st 1990
    what causes asymmetriphobia?
    monkey see monkey doo austin
    Lowes Paint Dept.
    “regina visser”
    monkey carrying a snowball
    hot cinnamon sunset
    poem about burnt orange
    veterans football formal dinner photos
    using butter flavored crisco instead of

    Some Strange Stuff!

  2. zappoman Says:

    Wow! That is really crazy!

    Do you really have poems about burnt orange? I need to start reading your other blog. 😉

  3. noelryan Says:

    I got another hit from someone searching for “24 hour gym” yesterday – If all the people that landed on my blog when looking for a 24 hour gym left me a comment about where they lived, I might be inspired to open a 24 hour gym for them!

    Good to hear you are back on your bike. Now how about that bear story?

  4. RegiVizz Says:

    I do have one poem about “Bevo” the Univ. of Texas mascot and one blog entitled “burnt orange makes me puke”! I think that’s what they are finding!

  5. noelryan Says:

    I got one earlier this week: someone searched for “trains running on 18th December”. They so nearly got what they looking for when they landed on my blog

  6. zappoman Says:

    Strange thing this world wide web!

  7. noelryan Says:

    Got this search term listed against my blog today:

    “getting ready for christmas 2007”

    Oh boy – I know I can’t see beyond April 22nd at the moment, but even so, someone is really planning ahead

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