I love a good race report…

Here’s a race report I found earlier today. I have to admit, I love a good race report as much as the next guy. Ari is a really talented writer and so beyond just being a fascinating race report of an under-trained (although obviously very fit) runner attempting a 3:10 marathon… no small feat… this is also just a great read as a short story.

 I mean how about this passage…

Thoughts turned from summer to winter quickly though. Indeed, what earlier felt so easy and profound turned harshly analytical. Delusion, not enlightenment, was the stuff of prophecy! And I understood the story of Cain and Abel; of course the beans were traded for the firstborn rights! – I would have given my legs at mile 19 for the same.

And this one…

I burst for the finish in what might have resembled an awkward youth’s lurch toward a bully after months of internal deliberation.

Good Stuff! Really!

 Oh yeah, congrats to Ari on finishing his marathon!


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