Saturday: some weights, some swimming with Zola

I wanted to wake up early this morning and go to the gym and swim laps before the family woke up. But alas, I was up too late last night working on web surfing, blogging, and trying to migrate one of my old domains over to Google apps for domains… the point is, I slept in. No guilt in that.

My wife and oldest daughter had tickets to go see the Children’s Theater production of “The Sorcerers Apprentice” with another mother, daughter, friends of ours. And so that meant that my youngest, Zola, and I would have the afternoon to hang out and do something fun together. We decided it would be good to go swimming.

Before Mom left I changed into some workout clothes and headed out to the garage to do a quick set of chest and shoulders with the dumbbells and a bench. I didn’t get done in time, so Mom set Zola up with Elmo to keep her company till I could get back into the house. After that we headed to the gym, and jumped in the pool.

 Zola has taken swimming lessons in the past, and has no fear of the water, but lately she’s been very clingy when we go to the pool. Even though she used to be able to swim with “big arms” and no assistance for 10-15 yards. She’s regressed since she stopped her formal swimming lessons. She’d rather stand on my knees and beg for “dolphin rides” or “let’s go under water together”. I have to prod her into practicing floating on her back or swimming toward me from the wall. Today was shaping up to being one of those days. But then, all of a sudden she wanted to float on her back.

I don’t know exactly what I did differently. I think it was either that I was pulling her along to get some momentum going… which will make anyone more buoyant in the water. I also asked her to keep her arms to her side “and her hands in her pockets”… which probably made her ‘vessel’ more streamlined and therefore more buoyant. Then I asked her to try to kick just so slightly. Anyway with all these things she seemed much more comfortable, and she really got into it. I was basically pulling her along with one finger at the base of her head, she was kicking her legs and staying balanced in the water, and she was really getting into it. After she kicked (was pulled ever so slightly) around the perimeter of the pool we stopped and she was delighted to announce “Look how far I went Daddy!”

It was a good foundation to work from. I think I’ll try to work up from this to other Total Immersion drills to see if we can get her back into the rhythm of swimming independently.


One Response to “Saturday: some weights, some swimming with Zola”

  1. grinnbearit Says:

    Isn’t it funny when blogging about the activities we love takes us away from them at times? I can relate to that 🙂

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