I went to the Spin Class today.

Well, on Wednesday, the doctor gave me clearance on “light spinning”, swimming, and upper body strength training. So I decided to attempt to do spin class today at lunch. I am happy that I went to the Gym today even though I wasn’t able to get the workout that I would have normally gotten.

I guess what made me feel especially good was when the manager of the gym saw me hobbling to class and gave me a gentle chiding about whether or not I really should be working out. He’s one of those guys who is really friendly and makes a point of chatting up his customers. He’s praised me for my Ironman accomplishments and knew about my recent Seattle Marathon experience. So there was this sense of friendly compassion in his tone and it gave me a sense of community to know that he cared enough about my recovery to make sure I was really o.k.

I also did a light session of strength training for biceps, triceps, and lats…. I’ve never really gotten excited about strength training. I’m sure it’s something that would help my fitness… but I just can’t seem to get excited about it. Maybe by writing about it here, I will have a sense of accountability to all of you to go back and do it. We’ll see.


4 Responses to “I went to the Spin Class today.”

  1. halfawake Says:

    I’ve never really gotten excited about strength training. I’m sure it’s something that would help my fitness…

    It sure will! Plus it’s nice that it’s something you might be able to work on while you’re injured, and then phase out a bit more when your injury gets better.

  2. zappoman Says:

    Well, I’ve done strength training 3 days in a row now. Chest + Shoulders on Thursday; Biceps, Triceps, and Lats on Friday; and Chest + Shoulders again today.

    I’m working off of a modification of a 3day plan that a friend of mine put together, but since I can’t really do weight baring activity on my legs, I’m skipping the leg workout, and compressing it to 2 days.

    I’m focusing on dumbbell/barbell + Bench exercises that I can do at home, although the lat+tri workout has a couple of cable based exercises that I have to do at the gym (lat pull down and triceps pull down). If anyone has any suggests of good substitutes for those that use just a bench and dumbbells, I’d love to hear a suggestion.

  3. noelryan Says:

    When I used my garage as a gym, I used a large Swiss ball as the bench. You can use this to do bench presses, pullovers (great for triceps) and even for doing flys (laying face down with my chest on the ball).

    The weights you use doing this are usually alot less than when you are on a stable bench or machine, but the overall effect is far greater as it forces your core to work to keep you stable. It is also a very different way to work out, so it adds a little interest.

  4. zappoman Says:

    This is a great suggestion. I’ve actually tried using an exercise ball in this way. I admit that I have never had very strong core strength.

    I have used the following book Get On The Ball as a guide for core training with a ball; and it recommends using a ball for the types of dumbell exercises you mention.

    I liked the book because it has good photos and simple instructions, and it’s small and light weight. It also has some stretches that can be done using a ball.

    I should probably add the ball to my weight routine again.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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