Good News! It’s My Arches!

I went to the doctor yesterday to check on my recent stress fracture. After confirming the diagnosis, we spent some time talking about my history:

  • A stress fracture a year ago
  • A strained hip flexor middle of last season
  • Slight bruising on the top of my foot after running without Superfeet
  • A mild tightness on the outside edge of my hip that I had assumed was a tight IT band
  • The doctor also noted that I had very high arches. (Actually he described them as “beautiful” which only slightly freaked me out.) 
  • Since I was overweight most of my life, a confirmed cheeseaholic, and there is no family history bone issues, the doctor ruled out weak bones.

The conclusion… he believes my high arches may in fact be the root cause of all these issues. The high arches likely cause uneven weight distribution particularly when running, resulting in the stress fractures. There are also apparently several studies that indicate that high arches often lead to problems with the hips, which explain my strained hip flexor injury as well as the mild case of bursitis that I assumed was a tight IT band.

He’s prescribed me a visit to the local sports medicine clinic for gate analysis and custom orthotics. He believes that these should cure all my problems and ward off future stress fractures. Woo Hoo! I am so happy.

 Plus he gave me a “boot” so I don’t need to use crutches anymore, and he cleared me for “light” spinning… Hah! Tour de France, here I come!

Boot for Stress Fracture


5 Responses to “Good News! It’s My Arches!”

  1. noelryan Says:

    Great news zappoman! It will be great for you to get exercising again. Maybe you could aim to do an Ironman in your new boots?

  2. zappoman Says:

    I set up my trainer last night in the garage and put my new single speed bike on it… and did a little spin for about 45mins last night. When I came back in the house, I put on my boot and went to watch some TV with my wife.

    Her reaction was “Did you spin with that thing on?!?!!”

    I wonder if they make SPD clips for these things. 😉

  3. Rahim Rahman Says:

    Mmmm… Orthotics…

    I went to see a podiatrist after my stress fractures 7 months ago and he recommended orthotics if I was gonna continue running long distance because I’m very flat footed. Took me 2.234178 seconds to say yes. I was $450 poorer 31.325 minutes later but my legs have been very happy with me ever since. I wish they’re lighter though. Like about .3572 oz lighter.

    I’m surprised that you’ve done ironman and marathons without any correction. Damn! You, sir, are truly an ironman.

  4. I went to the Spin Class today. « ZappoMan - Fitness Blog Says:

    […] Well, on Wednesday, the doctor gave me clearance on “light spinning”, swimming, and upper body strength training. So I decided to attempt to do spin class today at lunch. I am happy that I went to the Gym today even though I wasn’t able to get the workout that I would have normally gotten. […]

  5. shebaduhkitty Says:

    I have had this same problem since high school. I went to the doctor many times in HS with leg pain that they attributed to growing pains, but by college they determined was my high arches. I was finally fitted with arch supports and had to wear them with all my shoes for years. (which sucked at the time, because finding pretty girl shoes that fit the arch supports does NOT work!) eventually they stopped helping, but that was because I had grown out of them (my real growth sput happened 2nd year of college) so by my 2nd year out of college I needed to be refitted. Of course this was while working retail that required me to stand 8 hours straight on tile or concrete. so that didn’t help.

    Now I don’t wear them, perhaps because my shoes are just more supportive now, I stand less or the cheese fetish…who knows. I don’t have the same kind of leg pain. My knees on the other hand…they are bad and may be a long term result of the arch issue (high arches without support causes you to lean inward) mom and her recent knee surgery is a bad vision of my future…

    I beleive it is heraditary… and then the weight issues compound it (yes more reason for me to follow your footsteps..ha pun!)

    so… keep an eye on those girls of yours… their pretty (and yes I think high arches ARE pretty) dancer feet may need support in time.

    love ya and love your blog…keep up the good work… it is inspiring… I did my tai Chi tape yesterday 🙂


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