2006 Seattle Marathon Pictures

Well, the official photos of me running the 2006 Seattle Marathon came out today. The pain of running on a calcanus stress fracture is clear when you look at my finish line photos. What the hell was I thinkging?!?!!!

Painful Finish Closeup Painful Finish Crossing the Finish Line

Here I am around mile 10 or 11, I remember when they were taking this photo… yeah, I look like a goof. But I’m still happy, running hard, and not yet experiencing massive pain. But you do have to wonder, why am I giving the thumbs up?

Goofy but Happy

Here I am about a quarter of a mile from the finish line. This was a good 3 miles after my stress fracture, but I hadn’t been running at all. Notice the smile, the easy going peace sign. I am still happy, although a little disappointed about my injury, but I was strong, I wasn’t tired or fatigued. As other runners passed me I cheered them on “good job, you’re almost there, keep it up”. They must have thought, ‘why is that guy so happy yet not running?’.

  Walking those last 3 miles of the 2006 Seattle Marathon.

Here are the really ugly photos of the last 50 yards. After kissing my family near the finish line, I decided to suck it up and run across the finish line. What was I thinking!?

Painful Finish


Painful Finish Closeup

Crossing the Finish Line


4 Responses to “2006 Seattle Marathon Pictures”

  1. Wu Says:

    Nice photos and commentary. I hope you didn’t know about the stress fracture and run anyway. “Disappointed” is a term I associate with Seattle after two bad experiences there.

    If you’re interested in the race and hideous drive back to Vancouver, check out http://www.wuwei.ca/journal/2006/11/27/marathon-weekend-from-hell/

  2. zappoman Says:


    Well, I didn’t know for sure I had a stress fracture. But I suspected I did. If you read my full Race Report you’ll see that I think i got the stress fracture around mile 23. I walked from there to the finish line… that was also probably a really bad idea.

    I haven’t been to my doctor yet, since I had this happen a year ago, I know he’ll basically scold me for walking 3 miles on it, and then he’ll tell me to get crutches (already did) and stay off of it for 6-8 weeks (already the plan).

    Sorry to hear your marathon was such a bummer. Even though I messed up my foot, I still count this one as a victory, since it was my first marathon (not inside of an Ironman) and I was comfortably acheiving my 3:30 goal by mile 23 when my foot broke down.

  3. Wu Says:

    Well, as opposed to DNF-ing as I did in ’99, I finished this one, so it becomes a victory of sorts for me too.

    Yeah, I was ‘precariously’ achieving my Boston qualifier of 3:20 as late as mile 16. As they say, “all hell broke loose” after that.

    Oh well, we’re both still here and living for another race. First Half in February in Vancouver. The goal there is to get down to the 1:30 range if not below. In fact, getting back to my capabilities on the half and more triathlons is probably the 2007 season goal.

    No more marathons until I’m regularly back to sub 1:30 on the half.

  4. Marathon Effort Says:

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