Wow! I look like I’m in pain!

The Seattle Marathon had a “finish cam” this year where you can watch yourself come across the finish line. Here I am coming across the finish line after getting a stress fracture at mile 23 and limping the last 3.2 miles.

Finishing the Seattle Marathon with a Calcaneus Stress Fracture

I’m the guy that’s wearing all black with a black skullcap… you can see me limping and wincing in pain as I cross at “42:00” on this video stream.

No wonder they grabbed me and rushed me off to the medical trailer.


3 Responses to “Wow! I look like I’m in pain!”

  1. Seattle Marathon Race Report « ZappoMan Says:

    […] I must have looked pretty bad coming across the finish line, because as soon as I crossed someone ran up and grabbed me and escorted me to the medical trailer. They scolded me for “finishing” on a possible ruptured Achilles. After a quick exam, they determined that my Achilles tendon was fine and I had good mobility, and they agreed with me that I probably had a stress fracture. They sent me to the Bastyr Chiropractic clinic in the recovery zone, where they confirmed the diagnosis and wrapped my heel with some special “healing” tape. Go figure those crazy witch-doctors! I know what this really means… 4-8 weeks of no impact – no weight baring activity. Been there! Done that! […]

  2. noelryan Says:

    I just watched the video – that looked really painful!! You looked like you were dragging yourself along with your left leg!

    Cool use of video at the end of the race though!

  3. Good News! It’s My Arches! « ZappoMan - Fitness Blog Says:

    […] I went to the doctor yesterday to check on my recent stress fracture. After confirming the diagnosis, we spent some time talking about my history: […]

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